R.I.P to those in the Newtown shooting

All over the news all one can see is the Newtown school shooting. It’s so heartbreaking to see and hear about all those children that were shot. I hope then didn’t suffer any pain.

There are soo many questions concerning this tragedy:
– Why did the shooter do this?
– Was he thinking straight?
– Did he just snap?
– How did he get in the school?
– Why shoot the children?
– How did he acquire the guns?

From what I’ve heard and read.. they said he was a good kid.. he’s the same age as me… it kinda freaks me out..

I just wanna know why he did this? Why would you shoot children?

This all comes back to gun and weapons.. these days you cam easily get a gun or any other weapons off the streets!!

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened.


This isn’t one of those situations where if the school had weapons that people would not have died. People still would have died…

You know what I found freaky? Hearing that this shooter came into the nurses office but didn’t shoot her. Why not?

And all those poor children who had to witness all that… I how they will be able to move on with their lives without any traumatic issues.

And the utmost respect for the Principals and Teachers who protected those children to the best of their ability.

Rest In Peace to all those that died on this day.

I hope all those that are left here will also be able to recover.


Loss in confidence

I really don’t know what’s wrong with me these days. The strong confident me is gone. The one who knew what she wanted. Doesn’t get nervous is happy and smart and weird and confident is gone.

Today I realised how much I’ve gone within myself.

I feel like I can’t do anything right

I feel like giving up now I feel horrible and stressed and just upset.

And I don’t feel like I can talk to anyone about this! Because everyone else has their own problems and I don’t need to make things worse for them. I’m just putting myself down in front of them anyways.

Oh so Heartbroken right now </3

A chat I had recently

A lot of people know that I am not what my friend refers to as a “nester” I can’t settle down with the first person I meet and so on.

My boyfriend has a lot of time on his hands. He’s outta school, is working but is on call so he basically is told say less than a weeks notice, otherwise he’s at home.

I don’t have as much time, I have school, attempt to take care of the house, look after my baby sister and mum and then do what I need to do for myself.One thing I do not have is enough time.

My boyfriend and I live apart from each other, tad far too. (To the extent that there is a time difference)

A lot of his friends don’t really consider “this” a relationship and all. I was kinda shocked and sad of this fact, and I can’t say oh well here.

I spoke to a relative of mine about this and she agreed with them, I was shocked but even though I love this guy I do (he makes me smile, laugh and want to hug him) I still had that nagging thought in the back of my head.

I’ve been with him for a while now (3months and 19 days. Yes I actually kept count). I did know him for a bit longer than that though.

It’s a fear of losing me he told me.

*sighs* I just don’t anymore.

Maybe I should just lose contact with everyone for a while. Go into Hermit mode for a while….

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