My world a standstill

Some days I feel like everyone is doing something in their lives and are productive socially , financially and practically.

I feel like my life is a standstill. I don’t have much going for me. Everyone is free when I’m working or have assignments or on placement.

Yeah yeah I may nearly be finished with my degree but I’m not quite there yet. There’s a lot I haven’t done. A lot I need to do. And a lot I want to do.

But I feel like I’m stuck and I can’t do any of it.

I’m trying to make plans to get stuff sorted and even then no avail.

How the hell do I get out of this ??


Its raining

Oh wow sooo much rain!

So much heavy rain for the next two days !! Seriously??!!!

I’m lucky I have somebody to go with to clinical

During holidays =__= at least I have clinical ayee ?

Looooooong road to weight loss

So after many moments thinking I have realised… that it is easier to lose weight if your single.

I think I just got a while bunch of jeez tash DUUUUUHHHSSSS out there haha

I was thinking about it the other day how when i was younger. I wasn’t interested in getting a boyfriend. I just wanted to be healthy and weigh less.

However I know, the way I chose to lose the weight was wrong in a way… I had two proper meals. Breakfast and dinner. Lunch would be two apples and a bottle of water at school. After school I would go on the exercise bike for 30 mins keeping my speed above 30km/hr.    

I lost the weight and then the HSC exams started and I ate more healthy food at home but didn’t exercise… which was my downfall I know that…

And the uni started oh I so wasn’t ready for all those hours on campus and getting home just before 8PM… and then came along the bf who just kept feeding me but I still didn’t exercise….

Now that’s over…… I guess…..

Well at the moment I’m sick… but after this I need to get back on the bike and work out again… otherwise I’ll miss out on summer…

I think I’ll start blogging everyday about it when I start =)

No this isn’t self pity it’s venting and self admission you could say….

Lately I feel as if the only things that i seem to be thinking or saying are just negative… I’m not living up to my name of having hope and being optimistic. Maybe it’s all this stress, fighting, worries, not knowing what’s going to happen in the future or me just being uncertain and not knowing what to do anymore.

I’m loving my job. I really am! If I started hating it now, it would mean I just wasted the last two years on nothing.

But I need more work! I need job security…

I need help of course…

Sitting on the train and I can’t sit still

So I’m sitting here with music on my ears really itching to get up and dance!

Seriously feel line dancing haha cos good music playing and I just wanna get up go WOO WOO!!!!!! and jump and dance around haha

This weather is really getting on my nerves now… Really mother nature are you having run giving people hope that’s it’s going to be a sunny warm day and then you add this really cold wind to the mix! Why oh why??! =(
I’m sitting at the station freezing my ankles off lol yeah my ankles not my ass =p


yes i