Things I’ve learnt about 21

Before I turned 21 I had this huge “breakdown” I questioned what I had done with my life. Where I was in my life. What I have as accomplishments after living for more than 20 years. I felt like I had done nothing. No car. Nothing to my name. I felt like a drifter and a failure. I felt like that I didn’t have any life experiences.

I felt like my friends were ahead of me in life experience. While I was left all alone. That feeling was so horrible. Although I had finished uni. Just awaiting graduation. NO licence either. Oh my it was horrid. I cried and became depressed and angry and just in total utter anguish.

Sound like a real drama queen right?

But then my mum had a word and told me that look you have finished Uni, You’ll get your licence soon and then you will be working. That makes you ahead of quite a few people already.

SO I did realise that she was right. I did end up getting my licence before my graduation. I got up on that stage and got my certificate. And then I started working as a registered nurse after getting my registration in January.

Now I have friends who are turning 21 now as well and they’re going through the same thing I went through. They start comparing their levels of experience to other people. Comparing how they have made their mark in the world compared to others.

And I’ve told them the same thing. There is no level or mark that one is supposed to be at once they reach 21 or at any age. Sure society has expectations at where one should be in their life at a point. But that doesn’t always apply to everyone. You have managed to spend another year on the planet. Congratulations!! You’re legal everywhere now HOORAAAAAYY.

That’s what you should be thinking. Not how much have I done? You just go by your goals and what you want not others. So you’ve studied but your friends have jobs? SO? Your friends are probably wishing that they went to study first because they feel underqualified .

Just celebrate your life. Accomplishments will come when they come after you work hard ;D


Looooooong road to weight loss

So after many moments thinking I have realised… that it is easier to lose weight if your single.

I think I just got a while bunch of jeez tash DUUUUUHHHSSSS out there haha

I was thinking about it the other day how when i was younger. I wasn’t interested in getting a boyfriend. I just wanted to be healthy and weigh less.

However I know, the way I chose to lose the weight was wrong in a way… I had two proper meals. Breakfast and dinner. Lunch would be two apples and a bottle of water at school. After school I would go on the exercise bike for 30 mins keeping my speed above 30km/hr.    

I lost the weight and then the HSC exams started and I ate more healthy food at home but didn’t exercise… which was my downfall I know that…

And the uni started oh I so wasn’t ready for all those hours on campus and getting home just before 8PM… and then came along the bf who just kept feeding me but I still didn’t exercise….

Now that’s over…… I guess…..

Well at the moment I’m sick… but after this I need to get back on the bike and work out again… otherwise I’ll miss out on summer…

I think I’ll start blogging everyday about it when I start =)

2nd Year Semester 1 Nearly over…

So last year seems like such a breeze compared to this year.
It was sciencey more happy and the tutors were waaaaaaay nicer xP
2nd year so far has been ruthless! And sadly I broke my New Year’s Resolution 😦 But I still have next semester and my exams to hopefully make up for it 🙂
So yes we (the nursing students) have worked out that studying Nursing is NOT EASY AT ALL!! Who would have thought so much information I’d required to be remember by a nurse huh?
But then again these women and men are in charge of lives and taking care of people at their most vulnerable….

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Procrastination kills.

I’m not exactly the philosophical type. I don’t I could just sit down on the couch while typing away at my laptop asking pointless question. ( I don’t mean to put the philosophers down or anything, but I’m just not that type of person)

So It’s week 11 of Uni now and It’s the time to hand in all my assessments and hope I actually do ok in them and not have to worry about failing and what not.

My habit hasn’t died. It’s still the same. I should really do something about it. I have ONE last essay to do for the semester. I should start it soon.

My clinical immersion is the next week. And I havent gone to the doctors to get any more shots. What am I suppose to do? I’ve been sick every single time I’ve planned to go to the doctors to get shots done. I think I’ll go on Tuesday. Man I’m copping a lecture from my Doc XD

But Yes clinical Immersion week!  The week where we go to Uni and perform tasks that Nurses can do in their sleep (But shouldn’t since it’s not exactly safe and all.. lets not get into this)

I’m glad mine isn’t till Friday so I have Heaps of time to continuously practice. And That I will in order to become a pro at doing it =] So club members! I’m practising on ALL of you as well (Well whoever wants to volunteer)

Right now I’m sitting here with Sons and Niks watching Hide and Seek. Crap quality and has yet to get interesting. I think it’s a whole bunch of movies merged as always.

Ah seriously men and their pride >.>….

I hate not seeing my old friends. Makes me kind of sad that I haven’t seen some of them in a while. T.T

Here’s a whole bunch of tagged people who I’m gonna write this too =p


I should come over to your house one day LOL

Bring my sexy sexy laptop and steal stuff of you and you can do the same hahahha

Tanju!!  Dude we go to the SAME UNI but barely see each other =(  I enjoyed talking to you yesterday man. I hope you get better soon and then we’ll go night roaming (BUT not near the CROSS like we agreed haha)

Rachel!! Dude I should come over to your place!  BTW has the spa been cleaned? =p

Mel!  I promise to come to your shop and just hang with you! Sit there and just laugh like idiots and talk ^_^

Shannon!  My dear it’s been too too long!! Coffee one day K? =p

Sweety!! I hope your doing good love!!  I hope it all went well and I wanna see you I miss and our ‘FUN’ =p

Girs!  My lady!!  We need to get the group together!! and I miss you

Josh The quiet one! Would be good to hang =]

Zanda  Pantene boy!!  I miss ya you tall awesome DUDE!!

Sophs!! HAHA The last time was FUN =p Repeater?


There’s SSOOOO SOOOO SOOOO SOOO SOOO many people I should really catch up with!!!

I shall call you people and ask ^^

So now you can tell how much I miss you all =] TALK hahaha =p


S.O Tash =]

Next stage: University

Alright so after the long stress (I barely show my stress on the outside unless I want to yeah )

I found out my offer which is *drum roll*  University of Western Sydney Parramatta!!

Most people were happy that I got into this Uni esp mum haha

But some people weren’t but they were reasonable reasons UNLIKE SOMEBODY who gave the most stupidest reason.

I won’t say who, but just don’t like the Uni I got into because of reputation.

If I could I would seriously bash this person.

Tie em up and the torture them for a good 3 hours ^_^

(Yes I can say evil things with I smile =] Freak aren’t I? haha no?)

Anyways before I get angry and start looking for darts…


The place where you’re ALONE. No more spoon feeding. You’re an adult. You can take care of yourselves .

I know who would be freaking out here and saying OMFG IM FUCKING SCREWED!!! 0.0

Calm it?

I’m looking forward to it ^_^

Adventure time and keep my cool time haha

But yeah going through the Units, subjects, Majors and so on will be time consuming but worth it.

I wonder how the Orientation is gonna go??

Man there is soooo much I need to get done!


Everybody knows how much of a cheapskate I am already haah

Is it gonna get worse?? 😀

I ain’t gonna buy shit I don’t need and Go Lo and Reject Shop and all those cheaps shops are gonna be good friends of mine for the next few years HA HA 😀

I think I might be a bit of a nerd and start looking into what I’m gonna be studying in Uni and practising my writing; grammar, punctuation and no plagiarising. (Which I don’t do already >.< )

But yes that will be my plan for now haha

and then when I’m settled in. Job.

But yes.

I wonder how many textbooks I’m gonna need?

uhoh I can’t find my certificate!!

Shit I gotta go hunting for that now!


so here I run to look for this damn piece of paper -_-