R.I.P to those in the Newtown shooting

All over the news all one can see is the Newtown school shooting. It’s so heartbreaking to see and hear about all those children that were shot. I hope then didn’t suffer any pain.

There are soo many questions concerning this tragedy:
– Why did the shooter do this?
– Was he thinking straight?
– Did he just snap?
– How did he get in the school?
– Why shoot the children?
– How did he acquire the guns?

From what I’ve heard and read.. they said he was a good kid.. he’s the same age as me… it kinda freaks me out..

I just wanna know why he did this? Why would you shoot children?

This all comes back to gun and weapons.. these days you cam easily get a gun or any other weapons off the streets!!

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened.


This isn’t one of those situations where if the school had weapons that people would not have died. People still would have died…

You know what I found freaky? Hearing that this shooter came into the nurses office but didn’t shoot her. Why not?

And all those poor children who had to witness all that… I how they will be able to move on with their lives without any traumatic issues.

And the utmost respect for the Principals and Teachers who protected those children to the best of their ability.

Rest In Peace to all those that died on this day.

I hope all those that are left here will also be able to recover.


It’s only because my head is aching and I drank something I should not have

So after falling asleep at 330AM and then being awoken several times after 715AM my head hurts a lil. Only a lil not too much… And I only feel lil dizzy just a lil not enough to cause problems xP

So I’m sitting on the train heading to the city and this person in front looks like an old friend of mine, but I won’t go up and ask if it is cos you know my head aches right now so not really in the socialising mood and I’m too lazy but the main excuse is my head hurts.

Its pretty quiet on the train, but then again it’s off peak xD

Woah really tall giant man just sat next to me. xD Makes me feel short Haha

Just passed Ashfield ….. My pulse is increasing slightly… This whole lawyer thing is making me slightly nervous…. And my knee is aching >•< Ah man I still feel sleepy xP

Need to stay awake Tashii no sleeping! (You did that on the bus :P)

I feel cold this stupid train isn't warm enough -_-"

Now I'm just writing random thoughts haha xP

Oooh Redfern! I'm nearly at Central! Hooray 🙂 and then I gotta zip to Castlereagh :/

Come on Tashii you can do this!

A long road

It’s feels absolutely normal in a strange way to hang with family I haven’t seen in what like 7 years???

I could say the whole how family counts and how wonderful it is to be with family but you’ve heard it all. So I’m just gonna go on with whatever I want haha 😛

I just can’t wait to drive!! But its not like I’ll be in my car 24/7 hahah 😛 I’ll just be cruising round picking up people and go hang out and take Ally to school as well haha 😛

The thing I’ll miss about public transport is being able to doze off while the train/bus takes me to where ever I need to go haha so lazy!!

I wanted to keep this short xP

Rant #00000000000000000000

I can never think of titles for my posts. I guess I suck at summing stuff up huh?

I’m in a mood and thought process that I thought I would never be in. Because I have never acted in a manner to make it seem that I am a bad person.

So lately I started giving society more credit which now I think I should take back. Again I’ve had to re-learn that giving society a chance to redeem itself was a mistake. Society is still the same judgemental bitch who I always hated but still cared for because that’s how I am . (and well considering my career choice will still be doing so but hey that’s the kinda person I am and not what some people think.)

I was wrong when I thought that society is finally learning to be less judgemental and more accepting.

Who am I kidding?!

Nothing  has changed!

It’s still the same judgmental bitch who doesn’t give a shit about a person’s feelings only labelling and accusing of actions which weren’t even committed!

Society doesn’t care.

In so many situations I’ve witnessed it myself. Society doesn’t care.

All this judging and labelling and criticism..!

As the years have gone by I’ve met so many many many many wonderful people who were so caring that they gave up so much to take care of others.

In a way it gave me hope that I could be who I wanted to be and everything would be fine.

But oh how I was wrong.

For a person who rarely tries to cause negative disruptions and tries to avoid conflict and pessimism as much as possible, it seems that some people around me would rather cause me conflict.

Some admitted to only doing it so I would react..

Well now they know haha.

I just feel empty now. I feel like a void, like a dark cloud just came over me.


Dear Society,

I think you need to do something about your attitude. Your behaviour. Just you in general. Because of you the world has lost so many wonderful people who could have made a great difference in this world. I do not think you understand that it’s your fault.

Hope you rot,


So I ended it.

I ended it with my boyfriend..

It’s time for me to actually study.

I’m still keeping my blogs..

It allows me to vent at times when I need to so I’m keeping them. =]

But yeah like I said I ended it.

Good reason to because having boyfriends distract me >.>

(making myself sound like I’ve had that man XD)

I’m glad I did though…

I got the majority of my marks back


In basically all of them



I’m gonna have to work REAL HARD to get that grade up. God Help me XD

SO where I USED to get As and Bs

I have received Cs and Ds


I’m glad with my legal mark though

I thought I was gonna get SHOT in that (and I mean SHOT LOL)

But I’m happy =]

NOW waiting for me PDHPE mark because the teacher hasn’t finished (I blame me writing.. need to work on that)

Maths was shocking! Not just for me but like everyone. I mean like a WHOLE class failed A WHOLE FUCKING CLASS!! SHOCKER!!!

I managed to pass (TGFT=Thank goodness for that) but by 57% however still alright…

English wasn’t so bad I could do better and I will. I’m going to work real hard and re-write all the essays and questions again!

But my glasses are AWESOME   they help alot =]

So yes My glasses are making me more nerdy which I appreciate. LET IT LAST THE YEAR AND I WILL BE HAPPY =]

Well My goal now is….

1.Stop MSN communication (But when Jeladi comes back I’ll be on here and there XD)

2.Study hard (I mean REAL HARD)

3. Re-write ALL MY NOTES (FUN)

4.Get ink so I can download those HSC papers

5. Eat properly and exercise (Need to be more healthy)

6. Practice practice practice!!

7.Be a total cool nerd from now on till November 13th!!! (then I get to chill BABY WOO WOO)

8. Start operation MO after that =]

So now I am off to wash my clothes =]

Need to take care of a whole bunch of things should be fun hahaha!

Anyways off to do that and see if I missed anything in my maths book T.T



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Boys Make Girls Cry

I haven’t cried over many guys on;y a few for obvious reasons.

For the first time I cried when I missed him. WOW it was just shocking.

First time I’ve really cried over a guy LOL

Hope he doesn’t feel bad after reading this…

Hey I still have those doubts ya know: He only likes me cos I’m pretty or whatever (I don’t think that with YOU just so you know LOL)

But I don’t know what came over me.

Sometimes I really hate boys.
They don’t always know how much damage they think that we can cause them more damage. HAVE NO IDEA THAT YOU”RE COMMENTS AFFECT US!!!

Oh Oh Oh how about when we have a crush on a person?
I think they actually know that someone is crushing on them 80% of the time but they just won’t admit it lol (I can hear people going: IT”S NOT FUNNY)

Amiii is having that issue at the moment with the person whose gonna have a cream pie in their face if I ever see them.

I won’t elaborate on it. For her sake. But she cried because of him. Caused her grief. Oh You stupid photocopiers -.-

All us girls know this don’t we?
The countless time we’ve all cried over a boy and All.
The countless time we’ve stuff our faces to comfort ourselves.

We’ve all been there.

We’ll experience it till we find ‘him’ (Or the her for those other girls =])

Oh well. It’s life right?

National Young Leaders Day 08

This was the wristband we had to wear to get in and out of the place =p

This was the wristband we had to wear to get in and out of the place =p

Ok so Yesterday The Prefect team(The five of us), the Sport captain+Vice (Z and Target) and the Captain(Covered by Ray Ray)+Vice(Sweets) went to the Sydney Convention Centre in Darling Harbour for the National Young Leaders Day 2008.

I had no idea what we were going to do the whole day.We spent most of the day sitting around and listening to them making us motivated.


Nearly over!!

Well the exams are nearly over!! WOO HOO!! -dances-

My last exam is Mathematics

Ehh shouldn’t be too hard =]

Today I had Chemistry and Biology

Dude I MAJORELY X a billion FAILED it T.T

But it seems I wasn’t the only one who had a hard one with it

Meh I’ll find out in about a month or two with the rate these people mark em -.-

After the exam we had an hour or so break which was alright enough I guess

So me and the girls sat and were studying. But half the time I was being stupid running around  or just sitting there answering Qs from the girls

The ironic thing was. What we studied for wasn’t in half the exam!


Tashi hopes that she passed -nods-