R.I.P to those in the Newtown shooting

All over the news all one can see is the Newtown school shooting. It’s so heartbreaking to see and hear about all those children that were shot. I hope then didn’t suffer any pain.

There are soo many questions concerning this tragedy:
– Why did the shooter do this?
– Was he thinking straight?
– Did he just snap?
– How did he get in the school?
– Why shoot the children?
– How did he acquire the guns?

From what I’ve heard and read.. they said he was a good kid.. he’s the same age as me… it kinda freaks me out..

I just wanna know why he did this? Why would you shoot children?

This all comes back to gun and weapons.. these days you cam easily get a gun or any other weapons off the streets!!

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened.


This isn’t one of those situations where if the school had weapons that people would not have died. People still would have died…

You know what I found freaky? Hearing that this shooter came into the nurses office but didn’t shoot her. Why not?

And all those poor children who had to witness all that… I how they will be able to move on with their lives without any traumatic issues.

And the utmost respect for the Principals and Teachers who protected those children to the best of their ability.

Rest In Peace to all those that died on this day.

I hope all those that are left here will also be able to recover.


Next stage: University

Alright so after the long stress (I barely show my stress on the outside unless I want to yeah )

I found out my offer which is *drum roll*ย  University of Western Sydney Parramatta!!

Most people were happy that I got into this Uni esp mum haha

But some people weren’t but they were reasonable reasons UNLIKE SOMEBODY who gave the most stupidest reason.

I won’t say who, but just don’t like the Uni I got into because of reputation.

If I could I would seriously bash this person.

Tie em up and the torture them for a good 3 hours ^_^

(Yes I can say evil things with I smile =] Freak aren’t I? haha no?)

Anyways before I get angry and start looking for darts…


The place where you’re ALONE. No more spoon feeding. You’re an adult. You can take care of yourselves .

I know who would be freaking out here and saying OMFG IM FUCKING SCREWED!!! 0.0

Calm it?

I’m looking forward to it ^_^

Adventure time and keep my cool time haha

But yeah going through the Units, subjects, Majors and so on will be time consuming but worth it.

I wonder how the Orientation is gonna go??

Man there is soooo much I need to get done!


Everybody knows how much of a cheapskate I am already haah

Is it gonna get worse?? ๐Ÿ˜€

I ain’t gonna buy shit I don’t need and Go Lo and Reject Shop and all those cheaps shops are gonna be good friends of mine for the next few years HA HA ๐Ÿ˜€

I think I might be a bit of a nerd and start looking into what I’m gonna be studying in Uni and practising my writing; grammar, punctuation and no plagiarising. (Which I don’t do already >.< )

But yes that will be my plan for now haha

and then when I’m settled in. Job.

But yes.

I wonder how many textbooks I’m gonna need?

uhoh I can’t find my certificate!!

Shit I gotta go hunting for that now!


so here I run to look for this damn piece of paper -_-