I realise that I don’t have that much discipline in anything. Or a routine… I just can’t seem to stick to things for a long time.

When I was younger we were constantly moving houses. My dad didn’t like to stay in one place for long. Or there were complications regarding money and other things I found out later on. I didn’t mind it at first but then after that it was really irritating. I remember some of the places. At least he didn’t venture out too far in terms of moving to places. When I was younger I would make the effort to make friends. But after a while I stopped because I saw no point.

Okay let’s not go into my life Psychology studies eh?

Any who… I think it has had an influence. But I keep trying and that’s all that matter. Here’s some random examples of discipline or routine that I don’t follow

I don’t like dieting I’ve realised. I don’t like being caged and deprived of things, I think I feel worse at that point. I don’t know how some people can continue on for like several years on the same diet.

FItness regime! OMG I suck at sticking to it. I can’t stick to it. Repetition isn’t my thing. No I’m just lazy ahahah.

I know that myself. That I am lazy and need to work harder and have more motivation.

So I shall keep trying