Things I’ve learnt about 21

Before I turned 21 I had this huge “breakdown” I questioned what I had done with my life. Where I was in my life. What I have as accomplishments after living for more than 20 years. I felt like I had done nothing. No car. Nothing to my name. I felt like a drifter and a failure. I felt like that I didn’t have any life experiences.

I felt like my friends were ahead of me in life experience. While I was left all alone. That feeling was so horrible. Although I had finished uni. Just awaiting graduation. NO licence either. Oh my it was horrid. I cried and became depressed and angry and just in total utter anguish.

Sound like a real drama queen right?

But then my mum had a word and told me that look you have finished Uni, You’ll get your licence soon and then you will be working. That makes you ahead of quite a few people already.

SO I did realise that she was right. I did end up getting my licence before my graduation. I got up on that stage and got my certificate. And then I started working as a registered nurse after getting my registration in January.

Now I have friends who are turning 21 now as well and they’re going through the same thing I went through. They start comparing their levels of experience to other people. Comparing how they have made their mark in the world compared to others.

And I’ve told them the same thing. There is no level or mark that one is supposed to be at once they reach 21 or at any age. Sure society has expectations at where one should be in their life at a point. But that doesn’t always apply to everyone. You have managed to spend another year on the planet. Congratulations!! You’re legal everywhere now HOORAAAAAYY.

That’s what you should be thinking. Not how much have I done? You just go by your goals and what you want not others. So you’ve studied but your friends have jobs? SO? Your friends are probably wishing that they went to study first because they feel underqualified .

Just celebrate your life. Accomplishments will come when they come after you work hard ;D