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Keeping Tabs

So 21st is on it’s way… 

But I don’t think I will feel it.

Why should I? I still feel like I’m seen as a 16 year old girl. 

Having to still tell mum where I’m going and what I’m going to do.

Hang out I thought I was an adult now? That I could do things on my own? I don’t get it?  Why should I act like an adult if I still have to report when I got to work or when I’m going to do something?


I know the worried parent who worries about their child and wants to make sure that they are safe and not in any trouble. 




I don’t feel like I will reach adulthood because of this experience. 


About MeNtAlRuNaWaY

I have a weird personality My spelling is top class I am quirky and eccentric I have a very interesting subconscious also I live at home Im under 21 I am a student. More? Ask?

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