what’s the most valuable intellectual property of yours?

all the photos I’ve taken of my friends and loved ones =)

Anything and Everything~~


It’s only because my head is aching and I drank something I should not have

So after falling asleep at 330AM and then being awoken several times after 715AM my head hurts a lil. Only a lil not too much… And I only feel lil dizzy just a lil not enough to cause problems xP

So I’m sitting on the train heading to the city and this person in front looks like an old friend of mine, but I won’t go up and ask if it is cos you know my head aches right now so not really in the socialising mood and I’m too lazy but the main excuse is my head hurts.

Its pretty quiet on the train, but then again it’s off peak xD

Woah really tall giant man just sat next to me. xD Makes me feel short Haha

Just passed Ashfield ….. My pulse is increasing slightly… This whole lawyer thing is making me slightly nervous…. And my knee is aching >β€’< Ah man I still feel sleepy xP

Need to stay awake Tashii no sleeping! (You did that on the bus :P)

I feel cold this stupid train isn't warm enough -_-"

Now I'm just writing random thoughts haha xP

Oooh Redfern! I'm nearly at Central! Hooray πŸ™‚ and then I gotta zip to Castlereagh :/

Come on Tashii you can do this!

A long road

It’s feels absolutely normal in a strange way to hang with family I haven’t seen in what like 7 years???

I could say the whole how family counts and how wonderful it is to be with family but you’ve heard it all. So I’m just gonna go on with whatever I want haha πŸ˜›

I just can’t wait to drive!! But its not like I’ll be in my car 24/7 hahah πŸ˜› I’ll just be cruising round picking up people and go hang out and take Ally to school as well haha πŸ˜›

The thing I’ll miss about public transport is being able to doze off while the train/bus takes me to where ever I need to go haha so lazy!!

I wanted to keep this short xP