2nd Year Semester 1 Nearly over…

So last year seems like such a breeze compared to this year.
It was sciencey more happy and the tutors were waaaaaaay nicer xP
2nd year so far has been ruthless! And sadly I broke my New Year’s Resolution 😦 But I still have next semester and my exams to hopefully make up for it 🙂
So yes we (the nursing students) have worked out that studying Nursing is NOT EASY AT ALL!! Who would have thought so much information I’d required to be remember by a nurse huh?
But then again these women and men are in charge of lives and taking care of people at their most vulnerable….

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Oh I’m sorry who died and made you queen of shitsville??

Oh man this really ain’t my yeah -_-
So this year so far has just being a motherfuckin bitch -_-
2nd year is bullshit! How do they expect up to remember so much??
Don’t get me wrong its not making me want to give up my career path…
So I’m sitting here in the coffee shop (on my break thank you!) trying to avoid painful thoughts.. Oh there’s my patient ??
Time is up! -_- Back to work I go~

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