Where? Where are you?

I feel really restless today. I’m not sure why, maybe cos of the whole thing that happened on Thursday.


I realised just now that I have lost my confidant. One person who I would pretty much share ALLL my problems with. Even though I tell like everything to my bf and all, there are some things you can’t tell. And I can’t find anyone that I can talk to RIGHT now about how and what I’m feeling.


Panic mode is starting again *sigh*


A lot has changed for me since the beginning of spring semester. I think it’s a good thing…..


I need to be more into stuff like I was haha


I think there was a sign that show’s this to be true so yeah haha xD




where is my confidant? =(



A post I was suppose to post the other day

But I didn’t because I was too lazy and hot and not bothered.

It’s been hot everywhere (In the Southern Hemisphere) lately.

Global Warming has lead to Weather Extremities globally.

I mean look how HOT it’s starting to get in summer and how COLD it’s getting in winter.

My sympathies are with the Northern Hemispherers you people are not used to this weather!!

I’m gonna keep this short and simple well because it’s too hot >.<