I really should try mobile blogging huh?

So yeah bad habit of ignoring my blog and not blogging ahah.

So from the 15-19th I had my exams for Nursing and I really hope I pass [Because I’m pretty sure I fucked up in the last exam =)]

Okay so I’ve had to deal with issues and stuff which was causing me to stress . But I don’t want to get into that ya know?

So I have my practical exam known as OSCA on thursday haha

I should keep practising how to do it =]

Where’s my sister when I need her :p

But Yeah Yesterday I went and hung out with two people I’ve known for ages and met randomly with some I’ve met during high school and stuff =]
For once I did a random thing of calling a friend and telling her to come and meet me at Parra haha XD

so she came and them I also met up with Amy and then we had mexican wraps haha yumm  *drools*

We went around Parra and there was a aJesus loves you festival or something going on =] then we went lookign for a printer for amy =]

DUDE KMART HAS SHIT SERVICE =.=  Me and this Lady were waiting for 15mins for someone to come to the desk and we continuously rang the bell for them to come haha omg ahah XD

So got my USB and stuff and then went  to Dick Smith to loook for a printer for Amy haah Stupid people why have the printer on show if you don’t have any in stock >.>

So Amy left for her Piano lessons and I went with Sara haha XD

I went with Sara to Flemington in her car [well more like a van haha]

So we walked around for a bit looking for stuff that was on the list and then she bought stuff that she didn’t need =.=

To think this woman didn’t know what Snow Peas were called she called them the “green thing”

4 differnt Indian guys were tryin to sell me a box of mandarins =.=  Like seriously why? Does it look like I need some mandarines?

Some indian idiots >.<

But yeh we walked around and got whatever was needed and then Sara dropped me off home =)

And I came home made dinner and then had a REAAAAl bad headache XD

Ended  up making me feel really shit T.T

Spoke to my Parranoia dad who isnt happy with people we know haha XD  Wants an excuse to bash people =p

I love you Parranoia dad 😀 hahah

But I slept it off =]

I love seeing people I haven’t seen it’s awesome seeing them again.

Sara you haven’t changed at all haha xd


I’m soo gonna do a rant post after this since I feel like bitching and complaining haha