FLoating away

I seem to be in one of those mood where I just want to type away . SOmething long and some what meaningful you could say. But then again I usualy write what’s on my mind and annoying me or I’m ahppy with haha

I’m just gonna keep writing random things here beacause it’s my blog and yeah 😀

So to recount what I’d been doing for the last couple of week s=]

I went to a prep class well to you know getting prepared for Uni (thought actually it was more of a  workshop I beleive but it had more of a classroom feel to it)

First day I realised that there wasn’t anyone there I knew.

Actually I’m not even sure if there’s anyone from my school that’s gonna be on the same campus as me LoL

I met a couple of people who I have become well acquainted with and still going to keep in contact with .

But Majority of people in the class were mature aged.But they were still cool =)  I’ve meet heaps of interesting people whom I won’t forget =)

But yeah the classes were actually fun. Awesome Lecturer/Tutor 🙂


This is gonna be an interesting time..