Next stage: University

Alright so after the long stress (I barely show my stress on the outside unless I want to yeah )

I found out my offer which is *drum roll*ย  University of Western Sydney Parramatta!!

Most people were happy that I got into this Uni esp mum haha

But some people weren’t but they were reasonable reasons UNLIKE SOMEBODY who gave the most stupidest reason.

I won’t say who, but just don’t like the Uni I got into because of reputation.

If I could I would seriously bash this person.

Tie em up and the torture them for a good 3 hours ^_^

(Yes I can say evil things with I smile =] Freak aren’t I? haha no?)

Anyways before I get angry and start looking for darts…


The place where you’re ALONE. No more spoon feeding. You’re an adult. You can take care of yourselves .

I know who would be freaking out here and saying OMFG IM FUCKING SCREWED!!! 0.0

Calm it?

I’m looking forward to it ^_^

Adventure time and keep my cool time haha

But yeah going through the Units, subjects, Majors and so on will be time consuming but worth it.

I wonder how the Orientation is gonna go??

Man there is soooo much I need to get done!


Everybody knows how much of a cheapskate I am already haah

Is it gonna get worse?? ๐Ÿ˜€

I ain’t gonna buy shit I don’t need and Go Lo and Reject Shop and all those cheaps shops are gonna be good friends of mine for the next few years HA HA ๐Ÿ˜€

I think I might be a bit of a nerd and start looking into what I’m gonna be studying in Uni and practising my writing; grammar, punctuation and no plagiarising. (Which I don’t do already >.< )

But yes that will be my plan for now haha

and then when I’m settled in. Job.

But yes.

I wonder how many textbooks I’m gonna need?

uhoh I can’t find my certificate!!

Shit I gotta go hunting for that now!


so here I run to look for this damn piece of paper -_-