1 <3 Berocca

Yes I love Berocca!

Its not only a great hangover cure but it helps me fight against colds!!

I need to get some more ASAP!

cos I got a cold XD and I blame Dad :p haha I really knocked me over  -_-

FML lol

Xmas was spent lazily, talking to friends, making Xmas wishes to all and then snuggling up with a book ^_^

My book catching up is going according to plan AWESOME! ^.^

And Now Soon it will be

NEW YEARS !! 2010!!!!  WOOO HOOO

So what’s the plan for the new year?

I just want to get into my Uni course and then work hard to maintain good marks XD

I need to find those Papers Spyro gave us….  Cos I know that’s gonna help me heaps  haha

It’s funny how every year people make New Year Resolutions that last until March? (well most of them)

So because of that I’m not making one BUT I think Mum’s made one on my behalf haha

I don’t see the point making them? They’re gonna be forgotten and gone by March anyways  :p

But I just aim at making more friends =p

That’s an aim not a resolution HAHA :p Because no one that I know has yet kept their resolutions :p

also I need to make a ritual day XD (Thanks to Nixxs )

I reckon 2010 is going to be an awesome year for everybody =]

And I really want to keep in contact with EVERYONE that I know. Just because it’s the end of one chapter of my life I don’t wanna lose all those friends I’ve made!!


I  gottta hang with ALLL those people I’ve met since I was born Xd (No wait that would be too hard XD)

Selective people : Feel special =p This mean I like you ahahha XD


I’ve met many people throughout my high school experience (HA HA)

Thanks for being friends with me you guys ^_^

Lots of Love Tashii


Yes I do have an evil side but then again who doesn’t?

I laugh at a lot of things and as  some people know to laugh I “stir the pot”  aha

So Today was domesticated day (Like it isn’t everyday)  in which I spent cooking and washing stuff ha ha XD

Cooking is awesome, always fun hehe =)

And more washing done! YAY ^_^

SO back to what I was saying before… I like laughing but seriously who doesn’t?

One thing I find Hilarious is how my dear awesome LOVING friends start to hate my ex’s, (well most of my friends hate them hahah) its funny as!

Like my recent one and all and I highly doubt they will read this LOL

Or my previous one LMFAO

I can’t help but laugh at the comment made by some of them over it haha XD

But they’re Exes for a reason XD


On to a brighter note (LOL)

I receive ALL my results now and I’m happy with what I got ^_^

But yeah

I don’t think it’s still dawned me yet that I have finished school and will be going to University soon (yeah mentality seems slow?)

Another chapter for all of us now huh ?

For once I am nervous



I’m starting to have doubts about my results

I’m like shitting myself

I really really hope I get into UNI!!

I was actually wondering if I really was going to freak out about this. I’m not freaking out, I’m just worried as hell about what I’m going to get for my HSC XD

And I forgot my assessment ranks hahha AWESOME 😐

-_-  I’ll be happy to get into Any UNI (But I actually prefer UWS because it’s cool [AND SHUT UP TO THOSE PEOPLE THAT BAD MOUTH IT I KNOW WHERE YOU!! ] but yeah either way I’ll know somebody who goes to most of the Uni’s I’ve applied for so YAY)

So I’ve been on break since Nov 4th its took me a MONTH to sign out of school because I was tooo lazy to go and sign out(and had to look for books that were missing haha XD)

But I’ve signed out and I’ve had my formal *tick and tick*

NOW  it’s just them damn results

I hope I get what I want =|


SO before I put myself down (any further) and get hit by Mel

I’m gonna go and write another post ranting about something I’ll find in the next 30mins haha :p

S.O Tashii