So I thought I would post cos I’m bored??

Man its been a LOOOOONG Time thought I doubt many people actually read this.. 😀

So the HSC is over!! WOO WOO

I applied for a job and it seems that they may be considering giving me the job 0.0 (Since I got offered a 6 day trial ^_^)

The money will be useful my dad was joking going hmm maybe I should start charging you rent?

my expression 0.0!!

Dad: Only joking I would never charge you rent

Still shocked

I’m excited! xd

Today we went to C-quay to watch the flash mob which SUCKED

We hit amy for it several times XD

After that we walked around a bit and then attempted to walk to Central kinda got side tracked ended up at The Rocks with milkshakes haha XD

It was an alright day but I came home and my feet were red XD

thankfully no blisters haha :p