Ah the marvel of Youtube

Well it’s a youtube  video but I found it through another site

I watched the whole thing.

And could not help but laugh at it


This is why Japan is soo popular.. well not really but one of the reasons I guess haha XD

watch it and then comment me and tell me what you think


So has anyone seen this?

I just randomly found this article (instead of studying XD)


I cracked up laughing!!  WOW is playboy going down or something?

Ok so we know that the internet has basically taken over everything I mean the amount of PORN on the net LOL it’s funny LOL

Fuck there is soo many types in shit… You look at some and go WTF people actually have these kinda FETISHES!!


But back to the article…

Yeah so the writer goes on says how marge is going to be the centrefold!!

And then the dude (I dunno if it’s a girl but I’m betting it’s a dude)

What other cartoon characters would you wanna see in the NUDE


The names of charaters.. LMAO WTF

Somebody wrote Minnie Mouse and I agree with the person who said


Would you seriously wanna see a naked Cartoon character?

Man that would just ruin the movies lol