I’m such an idiot at times.

Really an Idiot LOL

SO on Friday it was pretty much a bludge we mucked round in free and 2nd period dissected the brain~~

Truthfully I liked dissecting the eye better

here’s some pics of what happened to the brain :

Held by Safa she made it her pet XD Though it didn't last long LOL

Held by Safa she made it her pet XD Though it didn't last long LOL

Mona putting their brain remains in our tray

Mona putting their brain remains in our tray

Don’t I look like a nerd now :p

The brain smelt gross LOL

So yeah third period we had PE but teacher wasn’t there so we filled in our reference forms lol

So last period I got to English  and I realised…



Now this thing has a lot of pics and stuff in there not of just me but other people THAT DOES NOT NEED TO BE SEEN!

So I went down to the Oasis and asked the girls to help me find it by asking the other girls about it right?

No luck

So I sat in English hoping HOPING that if someone has taken the USB that they delete all the files first XD

So I’m at home accepting that I’ve lost it and what an Idiot I am..

I go to have a shower right


the Usb falls outta my bra.


How the hell did it get there? I seriously don’t remember putting it in my bra!!’

Jeez >_>

But yes now I’m happy that I’ve got my Usb and it’s in safe hands LOL


One thing I’m known for is my open mindedness

I don’t know if openmindedness is a word (It ain’t registering on my spell check so i don’t think it is lol)

But today I think it may have reached a limit haha

An acquaintance of mine asked me if I would ever eat human meat as he finds it appealing for some reason (maybe because it’s taboo and all he said its exotic, taboo, kinky and erotic)

Should I be even talking to this guy?? LOL (I could soo hear someone say WTF GET AWAY TASHA!!)

He tried to convince me about eating him (WTF!!! RUN TASHA RUN)

I blocked him XD HAHA

I’m against the idea man

its fucks you up badly that shit (Yeah Humans are shit DON’T HUMANS)

well that’s the message I’m putting out there :p

So today

It was quite an interesting day.  I spent most of the day laughing at stupid things (like I’d don’t everyday :p). Man I love M,F and A HAHAH

I nearly got raped by ML >_< HAHAHHA She tried to drag me to go see Mary and I was like NOOO *sits on the ground*

Last period was spent laughing at Cadet J and the pics of him we found via GOOGLES :p


And then I got a piece of paper. And in this paper it was a plea for forgiveness. To go back how we once were.

I don’t want to and this person knows why. It doesn’t matter how much she asks my answer will still be NO. She’s caused too much shit in my life.

I and others believe that she is a FAKE.  A told me she had seen this person and also believes that she is FAKE.

WTF is the point of lying really?

My life is more peaceful with her not in it. I have way less hassles now. School’s nearly over as it is. She said herself that we’ll end up loosing contact after school.

I see no point.

Remember when we were young?

Does anyone remember how it was when we were growing up?

It wasn’t soo dark like it is today LOL (Yes that’s how I describe today’s kids dark and waaay to emotional LOL XD)

But enough bagging these days kids lol

We were sitting in class the other day and started talking about the old tv shows that were on like Mr Squiggle, The Animal Shelf and Arthur!!

OMG who didn’t love Arthur! I loved that show I would run home just to watch that! XD

Why did everything seem soo simple back then?? Maybe it’s just growing up but then I look at kids these days who are like 8 or 10 and its like us when we were like 13-15!! WTF?? Am I the only one that sees this? LOL

There are some aspects of those days I do miss (and then there are those that I don’t miss HAHA XD)

Ahh if only life wasn’t so complicated LOL

I’m still planning to buy my own island  XD HAHAHA