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Bitch moment?


my head hurts!!

I miss the idiot

I gotta  study

and well

I want it too be fino!!

I feel like goin to fiji and jus hangin by the water LOL

Come on NOV5th!

HUrry up and get here

today i got the most randomest call from two ppl being very stupid LOL

at first i thought it was that pedo Kamal (or whatever his name is)

it was from my mates B&B HAHAH (Bed and Breakfast anyone? LOL)

BUt yeah they were bein idiots

B was like I want your jugs


idiots lol

bless them BAHAHA


About MeNtAlRuNaWaY

I have a weird personality My spelling is top class I am quirky and eccentric I have a very interesting subconscious also I live at home Im under 21 I am a student. More? Ask?

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