10 Ways How To Get The Girl Of Your Dreams

10 Ways How To Get The Girl Of Your Dreams

Ok so i read this and I was thinking what the fuck??

first bit was like awwwwww   and then this came:

Here are 10 ways to get a girl if you ask me.

1) Dont call them beautiful or hot.

2) Treat every girl like shes almost not there.  Shes just another guy friend.  Dont make a move.  You dont even like her.

3) Satisfy none of her needs completely.  Partially satisfy all of her needs to leave her wanting more.

4) Call her beautiful if she beggs for it.  Dont sound too sympathetic about it.

5) Let her tell you that she loves you.

6) Let her compliment you.  By doing this she will be fishing for her own compliments.  You want that.  Dont satisfy her.

7) Dont ever call her. You’ll seem like you like her too much.  You may seem needy and too affectionate.

8) Buy her something nice once in a long while and dont be excited over it if she likes it.

9) Take her out to dinner when she askes ”when are you going to take me out?”

10) Never kiss her in public, let her lean in to you and see in her eyes that she wants to kiss you.  Dont hug her too often, let her hug you when she wants.  Dont hold her hand, let her grab for yours.

This wouldn’t work for me

It’s like ok dude don’t like me, his loss


But yeah this would work for people my age cos chicks my age are….

that hahah