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A way to spend Saturday :)

Ok so we (dad sis and i) went fishing near Georges River. Im soo happy we didn’t have to get up early =D We went at about 1130 and got got chips and drinks and Yummy chickenXd so we went and set up i took random pics as always ^_^ and then started fishing No one caught any fish Haha Ally caught a crab (Aww cute!!!!! Hehe).

Me and Ally went for a walk around. We were singing songs and jumping round, got round the bend me oblivious to the fact that someones in the car acts like an idiot….To be continued


About MeNtAlRuNaWaY

I have a weird personality My spelling is top class I am quirky and eccentric I have a very interesting subconscious also I live at home Im under 21 I am a student. More? Ask?

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