The whole deal with …

That issue which I can’t be bothered going into detail about that and yeah BUT

I’m just sick and tired of all this!!
I was talking to Iceman last night, I miss him, a lot it’s not fucking fair!! Gosh why do my rents have to be so fucking controlling and shit.
THis fucking woman is messing with my head it’s annoying.

It’s one of those time where in front of everyone but him I’m gonna have to smile and cry when no one can see me…

I don’t want to talk to her now.. I started feeling uneasy when I was around her anyways, And I thought it I was nervous about something but NO I just can’t be around her now!

She’s just too much now AH GOD

I’ve told her time and time again not to do stupid things that will FUCK her up but she doesn’t listen and then she’d come and cry about it and say I feel shit now blah blah blah FUCK THAT SHIT MAN

YOU shouldn’t have done it in the first place!

Ahh man


Missing terribly

Missin my iceman terribly :(Just wanna c him & hold him rest my head on him…… T.Tman u gotta effin Luv rents bloody hell i feel so bummed b/c i cnt c him…. patience is a Fuckin virtue i detest.
Im nt w8in til trials 2 c him man no effin way…. At least I can talk 2 him mm? Ah man im so sneakin him in one day lol At least #IM ALIVE#

Its 2am

And i cant too restless im havin one of those moments where if he were here Haha just leave it at that =P Im still a bit dizzy but i can deal with that hopefully lol its obvious that il end up sleepin in the day Haha… Anticipating using my All Access Pass lol Xd oh christ this is frustrating lol Hmm maybe should read a book that doesn’t make me think (and that’s hard xp)

Continued =D

Yeah ran outta space since theres a character limit Haha:)….

So yeah I acted like an idiot and THEN I realised that someone was sitting in the car Haha Xd I was goin ah Fuck nice one *tries to walk away coolly* Haha and THEN too more pics Haha and THEN homeward bound to eat sleep and watch Kuroshitsuji (ah sebastian dayum =P) Haha Xd downloaded the OP and ED which is wicked!!! Gotta love Becca’s voice IM ALIVE woo woo!!! Haha and yes thats it =P

A way to spend Saturday :)

Ok so we (dad sis and i) went fishing near Georges River. Im soo happy we didn’t have to get up early =D We went at about 1130 and got got chips and drinks and Yummy chickenXd so we went and set up i took random pics as always ^_^ and then started fishing No one caught any fish Haha Ally caught a crab (Aww cute!!!!! Hehe).

Me and Ally went for a walk around. We were singing songs and jumping round, got round the bend me oblivious to the fact that someones in the car acts like an idiot….To be continued