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So I ended it.

I ended it with my boyfriend..

It’s time for me to actually study.

I’m still keeping my blogs..

It allows me to vent at times when I need to so I’m keeping them. =]

But yeah like I said I ended it.

Good reason to because having boyfriends distract me >.>

(making myself sound like I’ve had that man XD)

I’m glad I did though…

I got the majority of my marks back


In basically all of them



I’m gonna have to work REAL HARD to get that grade up. God Help me XD

SO where I USED to get As and Bs

I have received Cs and Ds


I’m glad with my legal mark though

I thought I was gonna get SHOT in that (and I mean SHOT LOL)

But I’m happy =]

NOW waiting for me PDHPE mark because the teacher hasn’t finished (I blame me writing.. need to work on that)

Maths was shocking! Not just for me but like everyone. I mean like a WHOLE class failed A WHOLE FUCKING CLASS!! SHOCKER!!!

I managed to pass (TGFT=Thank goodness for that) but by 57% however still alright…

English wasn’t so bad I could do better and I will. I’m going to work real hard and re-write all the essays and questions again!

But my glasses are AWESOME   they help alot =]

So yes My glasses are making me more nerdy which I appreciate. LET IT LAST THE YEAR AND I WILL BE HAPPY =]

Well My goal now is….

1.Stop MSN communication (But when Jeladi comes back I’ll be on here and there XD)

2.Study hard (I mean REAL HARD)

3. Re-write ALL MY NOTES (FUN)

4.Get ink so I can download those HSC papers

5. Eat properly and exercise (Need to be more healthy)

6. Practice practice practice!!

7.Be a total cool nerd from now on till November 13th!!! (then I get to chill BABY WOO WOO)

8. Start operation MO after that =]

So now I am off to wash my clothes =]

Need to take care of a whole bunch of things should be fun hahaha!

Anyways off to do that and see if I missed anything in my maths book T.T



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