It’s past midnight

Its officilly Sunday here and I’m not doing a thing. I’m suppose to be workinh on that essay that I gotta write on MONDAY 1ST PERIOD!!


On the TV screen is Billu (Bollywood BLAH BLAH….)


I’m gonna complain now..


The incident on Friday has lead to a domino effect which is pissing me off (not to mention the fact I’m close to Mensis -_- )

I get the fact that what I did was stupid…


I was pissed because of the blow which had led to Suada getting worried and wanting to see me p3


I don’t think this is fair.


If “they” can’t deal with the sentence that’s been passed well its not my fucking issue.


I try not to get real close to a person because things like THIS happen. It’s not ME that gets hurt it’s THEM.


I HATE it absolutely HATE  it when a person revolves their life around me. I am NOT that important to that point!

If its one thing people learn about me is that I don’t like centring myself. (I’m not a big fan of public speaking but I still do it)

*10 minutes go by*

HAAH I started watching Billu XD

But this thing is pissing me off and I miss preethi (and my phone hopefully FF gives it to me tommorow)



It’s nearly 1230.. I think I might heaed off to bed (actually tonight it’s the lounge T.T)


Majority of people in this world SUCK and SHOULD BE karma’d !!




I don’t always need to put a title

Yet I still wrote an actual title

Is that counted?

So I’m sitting here now. In the lounge room (temporarily the computer has been moved here for this weekend =] ) after eating lnch MAAAAAN was that awesome food I am STUFFED like a turkey =D

I going to say…


not really haha

BUT I am sitting on the ground Xp Only cos I like to hehe

So yeah I was sitting here an just thinking of that idiot whose getting a tan ahahXD (I love Mel XD)

Miss that idiot, who will be quite aware of this later… maybe…? HAHA

I think not because they’re too lazy (THAT”S RIGHT YOU HEARD ME Come and bASH me I dare you :p)

OH We’re planning to have a stay over at school !!! (Does that show my love school?XD)

I’ll give more info later as I have to shower now hahah

Japan Probe

It’s a blog from a gazillion years ago..

I went looking a couple of weeks ago for an anime downloading site and all and I had a look around at  it

Yeah its got to do with Japan (By The Way just totally change size of font haha XD For no particular reason you know? LOL)

I was looking round and BAHAHAH!

I read some of the posts (I plan to put the linkks here)

Japanese Breast Size Increaseing

This was basically saying that Japanese chicks no have gained sized in Boobs WOO WOO XD Not really HAHA At least there will be more variety in bras of Jap??

The blogger goes on the state various other statistics, and predict that the growth while continue until it peaks 30 years from now. After that point, Japanese breast size will decrease until it reaches zero(which is around what it must have been 100 years ago).

HAHAH Suckers! Nah jokes jokes I just think that is LAME! HAHA How nice are some people?

Otaku Girls going for other chicks that dress up as Girly guys

I had a look at this and Say What? OK so does that count as Lesbianism? (No offence to you gals out there I’m  just questioning..)

And here I thought there were plenty of Japanese guys out there who dressed and put their hair in an effeminate style, but I guess they only date attractive women..

Yeah so did I but the majority of guys there aren’t that type. I mean thats what probably like 30% at the most? I would guess (Most would be in Tokyo no?) And that’s saying that only non-attractive girls do that cafe thing.. MEAN! I admit that the japanese are very eccentric people =] Ain’t stopping me from liking what they produce. (I MEAN ANIME AND STUFF NOT KIDS XD)

-Spice Girl Eats Japanese F-Cup Cookies

Check out the pic heh XD jokes!  Ok here they were saying the Mel C (AKA SPORTY SPICE) was gonna eat some cookie bars that say they make your boobs bigger (CHA Like ta see that happen!)

Manufacturers claim women can expect to see their breasts increase by at least a cup-size if they eat two cookies a day.

Ummm… OK does this seem like a scam to anyone else? LOL cos to me it just seems like a marketing scheeme to all those ladies without the big assets…

-The Perfect Bust: Japanese men & women rank female celebrities

Yeah These chick I bet are all fake hehe I should get Jeladi to check em for me HAHA (NOT REFERING TO MINE IDIOT)

Man But I gotta say some of them don’t look that bad HAHA XD (Shut up Tasha Shut UP! XD)

-Are real girls not imaginary enough for you?

This one takes the cake, the cookies and the trophy XD (I wanted to sound cool ok HAAH)

But that is just CREEPY!! Dude so glad our eye don’t look like that. I like me eyes thank you (Not including the bags >.> SLeep more…)  But haha check out the gallary cos that is some nightmarish shit there HAHA

And so this concludes the Japan Probe blog posts that I found interesesting HEHE

And I don’t care about my grammatical errors haha!

Adeiu Peoples!

So I ended it.

I ended it with my boyfriend..

It’s time for me to actually study.

I’m still keeping my blogs..

It allows me to vent at times when I need to so I’m keeping them. =]

But yeah like I said I ended it.

Good reason to because having boyfriends distract me >.>

(making myself sound like I’ve had that man XD)

I’m glad I did though…

I got the majority of my marks back


In basically all of them



I’m gonna have to work REAL HARD to get that grade up. God Help me XD

SO where I USED to get As and Bs

I have received Cs and Ds


I’m glad with my legal mark though

I thought I was gonna get SHOT in that (and I mean SHOT LOL)

But I’m happy =]

NOW waiting for me PDHPE mark because the teacher hasn’t finished (I blame me writing.. need to work on that)

Maths was shocking! Not just for me but like everyone. I mean like a WHOLE class failed A WHOLE FUCKING CLASS!! SHOCKER!!!

I managed to pass (TGFT=Thank goodness for that) but by 57% however still alright…

English wasn’t so bad I could do better and I will. I’m going to work real hard and re-write all the essays and questions again!

But my glasses are AWESOME   they help alot =]

So yes My glasses are making me more nerdy which I appreciate. LET IT LAST THE YEAR AND I WILL BE HAPPY =]

Well My goal now is….

1.Stop MSN communication (But when Jeladi comes back I’ll be on here and there XD)

2.Study hard (I mean REAL HARD)

3. Re-write ALL MY NOTES (FUN)

4.Get ink so I can download those HSC papers

5. Eat properly and exercise (Need to be more healthy)

6. Practice practice practice!!

7.Be a total cool nerd from now on till November 13th!!! (then I get to chill BABY WOO WOO)

8. Start operation MO after that =]

So now I am off to wash my clothes =]

Need to take care of a whole bunch of things should be fun hahaha!

Anyways off to do that and see if I missed anything in my maths book T.T



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