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Boys Make Girls Cry

I haven’t cried over many guys on;y a few for obvious reasons.

For the first time I cried when I missed him. WOW it was just shocking.

First time I’ve really cried over a guy LOL

Hope he doesn’t feel bad after reading this…

Hey I still have those doubts ya know: He only likes me cos I’m pretty or whatever (I don’t think that with YOU just so you know LOL)

But I don’t know what came over me.

Sometimes I really hate boys.
They don’t always know how much damage they think that we can cause them more damage. HAVE NO IDEA THAT YOU”RE COMMENTS AFFECT US!!!

Oh Oh Oh how about when we have a crush on a person?
I think they actually know that someone is crushing on them 80% of the time but they just won’t admit it lol (I can hear people going: IT”S NOT FUNNY)

Amiii is having that issue at the moment with the person whose gonna have a cream pie in their face if I ever see them.

I won’t elaborate on it. For her sake. But she cried because of him. Caused her grief. Oh You stupid photocopiers -.-

All us girls know this don’t we?
The countless time we’ve all cried over a boy and All.
The countless time we’ve stuff our faces to comfort ourselves.

We’ve all been there.

We’ll experience it till we find ‘him’ (Or the her for those other girls =])

Oh well. It’s life right?


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I have a weird personality My spelling is top class I am quirky and eccentric I have a very interesting subconscious also I live at home Im under 21 I am a student. More? Ask?

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