Nearly over!!

Well the exams are nearly over!! WOO HOO!! -dances-

My last exam is Mathematics

Ehh shouldn’t be too hard =]

Today I had Chemistry and Biology

Dude I MAJORELY X a billion FAILED it T.T

But it seems I wasn’t the only one who had a hard one with it

Meh I’ll find out in about a month or two with the rate these people mark em -.-

After the exam we had an hour or so break which was alright enough I guess

So me and the girls sat and were studying. But half the time I was being stupid running aroundĀ  or just sitting there answering Qs from the girls

The ironic thing was. What we studied for wasn’t in half the exam!


Tashi hopes that she passed -nods-


Delayed … Mental mood

I haven’t written on here in a while and all I know… Um Later I’ll write about ANIMANIA at the moment cant be fucked =]

SO anyways

My exams are on at the moment.. I think I should be freaking out since it’s my preliminaries and all. But I don’t really feel like that….

But oh well! LOL

A lot of girls I know are kinda annoyed by the fact I ain’t freaking out like them.

I also have the tendency to pass my subjects…

I hope that happens this time round too…..

Well My head is killing me!