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My friend (I won’t mention who *ahem Punching human bag at school person*) said that I have been eating way way way way way way too much sweet stuff such as chocolate and sweets and blah blah

HAHAH I could care less though

Oh and today is Wednesday XD

She bought me some chocolate!!! XD


she joined ma crew man! DPC & TPP 4eva!!


if you don’t know what it is…. then ask HAHAH


About MeNtAlRuNaWaY

I have a weird personality My spelling is top class I am quirky and eccentric I have a very interesting subconscious also I live at home Im under 21 I am a student. More? Ask?

2 responses to “LOL

  1. Amy

    Ahahaha… I know who you are referring to… AND yes u have been eating TOO MUCH sweet stuff *ahem ahem* CHOCOLATE!!!! Well compared to her *not you Tash* Her favourite routine is V and Coke in the morning..Now that keeps her hyper (like seriously HYPER) and re-energised..hehe

  2. afro :) ⋅

    punching bag kinda person?
    wow i wish i had a punching bag kinda person,
    ur so lucky! 😛

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