My friend (I won’t mention who *ahem Punching human bag at school person*) said that I have been eating way way way way way way too much sweet stuff such as chocolate and sweets and blah blah

HAHAH I could care less though

Oh and today is Wednesday XD

She bought me some chocolate!!! XD


she joined ma crew man! DPC & TPP 4eva!!


if you don’t know what it is…. then ask HAHAH


My evil side wanted to say something

What I’m going to say now I don’t mean to offend anyone or anything

it’s my evil side

I’m just voicing here ok?

I really really really really

don’t like some people

And I think someone is avoiding me.

I don’t know if they are but it seems to me.

Oh wait they actually messaged me back


not really

I half care

If that makes sense

So yes

People are really pissing me off

Stop adding me in those gazillion people (exaggerating) convo things

they’re pissing me off!!!

Oh oh and

I hate my thighs

They’reĀ  like big! XD


I want something (Or should I say someone Xp) badly at the moment

I miss them!!

They are like the only person that manages to make me smile and feel breathless and yeah

But unfortunately for me

I’m a commitment phobe and they’re too far away!!

I don’t mean that I run and scream if a guy asks me out or anything

I wouldn’t mind but yer


damn idiots