I was thinkin…

I tend to have a lot of weird dreams (Example: The whole Chris, Ben and Amy dreams)

I should make a novel based on them LOL

But they won’t be for little kids cos…. they can get very ummm explicit (It sounds bad XD)

Maybe there is something wrong with me? =p

I’m not being negative here LOL

I’m just saying

But yes I might turn this into a novel but with editation (Doesn’t come up as a word but LIKE I CARE). I can’t write every single thing that went on in the dream (It might be very embarrassing HAHA)


i wonder…

I wonder how I come across as to other people ….

A weirdo whose on drugs?

A nerd?

A whore/Tart… whatever?


I’m not the smartest person in the universe. I don’t really want to be either. What would be the point really? You wouldn’t have someone with the same level of intelligence and would end up needing to dumb down to acutally talk to others… Am I right?

I message a random person (as I always do sometimes)

And they replied something like this:

u dnt sound like a tart to me;

hey back;

so how r u;

and so on

Well there might be an explanation to that…

Say about a year ago or so. A mate of mine saw a picture of me that she was shocked to see LOL

And that lead to her writing on my site TARTY TASHA a million gazillion times.

It may be that excuse I asked him. Haven’t got a reply yet. Well i did send it like what 5 minutes ago? LOL

Hmm I am unique LOL

Anime Fan

I am a major Anime fan XD

And Japanese things.

I think Ichigo is hawt yer! LOL And so is Alucard SHUT UP XD Laugh all you want cos I know im mental already HAR HAR

Anime is interesting. The thing I’ve noticed is no matter what Anime you watch there’s always a perverted scene involving a pervert lynch mob HAR HAR

The sad thing is I don’t get to watch much Anime because of school WAHH T.T


I’m sooo happy cos I’m gonna start downloading again KYAH ~~~ I found all D.Gray Man ehhh…..

That guy is cute ^.^

Dubbed Versions

I don’t like the dubbed versions. They cut the best bits out man! You know the ones you see in the mornings on Toasted Tv (Australian Channels ) They cut the most awesome bits out and and (haha i feel like a little kid) THEY DON’T BLEED. THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE.

You know Naruto? Well there’s a scene what Haku (I think that’s his name) AKA the dude that looked like a chick he dies and there’s no blood! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!


Subbed Versions

I like these better yes I’m biased so that means more praise for subbed! I like reading so that’s why I like subbed versions more. Sometimes the people who do the subtitles really suck and put it a yuck colour which is impossible to read. But most of them are smart and do think of others and make them a readable colour.

Big breasted chicks in Animes

LMAO everyone has noticed this right? I was just browsing this website (I LOVE THIS SITE!!)


HAHAH I couldn’t help but laugh. I personally and small breasted (you people don’t know me so I can say this) I think I am?

But anyways I don’t mine them and I’m a girl HA HA I don’t care about breast they do add humour though and we know that what they show in Animes about breasts are fake but its an ANIME NOT LIVE ACTION

get it?

In conclusion I LOVE ANIME


Things taken the wrong way

Notice when you say something people take it in another way?

LOL I’m one of those people.

Most of what I say has double meaning.

I said MOST not all LOL

For instance, when someone says they’re going to have a shower I instantly say Have Fun

I just say it.  THAT has not double meaning LOL

I say a lot of cheeky things. What?

LOL yer

I get bored easily.